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Gone Caving

We are very excited to announce that the Gone Caving Expansion Deck is complete!!!

It was a long trip and we took some wrong turns along the way. We got lost, we got wet, and we sure got muddy. There were some scrapes and bruises, and at one point we were sitting there in the dark wondering what to do... when some new friends arrived to help us out! We are thrilled to introduce you all to these new characters and the special skills they bring to the Gone Caving game. The new expansion includes an ecologist, a medic, a carbide caver, and a caver with more experience than all of them combined. You'll need all of them to face new challenges and discover new passages as you explore the underground world of Gone Caving.

If you are one of our many international customers, don't worry, we will send you a copy as well, but you'll need to email us. Contact us at and we will help you individually.

Item Description
Gone Caving Card Game
Gone Caving Card Game: Expansion Deck

National Speleological Society

Proceeds from the game benefit the National Speleological Society (NSS). Your purchase helps protect caves for future generations, promote safe and responsible caving practices, effective cave and karst management, speleology, and conservation.